Increase safety, compliance, and efficiency of your drone operations

Decision support tools to help you manage weather threats, especially for BVLOS operations

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Why is the weather so important?

Compliance, safety and efficiency require accurate an accurate picture of the current and future weather conditions. Always.

  • of crashes happen because of adverse weather conditions
  • range and endurance increase is possible with better awareness of conditions
  • chance of being compliant if you omit checking meteorological conditions before flying

How can the weather help you?

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Knowing wind direction and strength - and how they evolve during the day - empowers you to plan more efficient missions. While multicopters can hold a GPS point up to 20+ knots of winds, they do so at a great battery expense. Simply choosing to fly in the morning rather than in the afternoon (or tomorrow instead of today), allows you to complete your job faster.

Fixed-wings drone can significantly extend their range and endurance if flown in areas of lift. Operators have reported doubling or even tripling their time in the air, just by using thermals.
By having a clear picture of what conditions you’ll meet once in the field, you'll be able to avoid weather related malfunctions and crashes. Turbulence, too high or too low of a temperature, flying downwind obstacles on breezy days, dramatic changes in wind direction and strength at different altitudes.

These are all conditions that can put your drone (and, worse, your payday!) in danger. We give you the ability to visualize these and other, more subtle, weather-related dangers. Do you know that on hot, humid days, especially in high plateaus, your drone will not perform as you think it will? High density altitude, icing and turbulence have caused more than a few airframe and payload losses.
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How we do it

Weather forecasts generated and tailored for UAV mission platforms

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Professional weather data

Hyper-accurate forecasting starts here. By taking NOAA prognosis and interpolating with precise terrain and soil data, we are able to provide the most accurate weather dataset on the market, at an extremely high resolution.

Integration with existing UAV mission planners

Visualize all-important weather information - as many as 45 key parameters - on layered top of your preferred mission planners. Get that crucial information to operate your mission safely when you need it, where you need it.
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Our solutions

Build by pilots, for pilots

Atmosoar Interface

Windsock Pro

Available on the Dronedeploy App Store:

Weather check
Support and plan your BVLOS missions with brings real-time our decision support tool through Dronedeploy, for the safety of your next flight.

Job Scheduler
In planning your BVLOS missions, we provide also a time-saving tool for checking the first available weather window for your jobs. Schedule your flights like a pro!

Windsock Pro BVLOS

A customized decision support tool that combines high-resolution weather forecasts with powerful en-route flight safety algorithms.
We build it to:

- Help drone operators fly BVLOS mission as safely as possible.
- Be legally compliant with regards to preflight weather checks.

Atmosoar comes with your preferred software

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